Pinterest, etsy and overstock

Hey guys,
Happy trading day

Anyone have these three in Thier portfolio?

What’s your game plan? Limits? How high you reckon it’s gonna hit?

Wondering if I should drop Pinterest at the bell or would it do a Snapchat and keep going for the rest of the day.

Pre market says it’s up 30 percent.

Overstocks up 14 percent.

Etsy unfortunately tanked. Hopefully it does a fiverr during the day and climb back up.

Hold Etsy and Pinterest for the long term!! Both will go into $200+… then drop them, if you want… but they aren’t done exploding yet.

Didn’t Pinterest just smash earnings yesterday? That goes to show itself what you should be doing with the stock.

You need to be adding more positions in those stocks, on the dips obviously, rather than thinking about selling.

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So you’re saying sell today? :joy:

I should have mentioned, I ‘should’ but i don’t do long term stocks. Sort of a day trader but not really.

How long term do you think by the way.

Pinterest will go up to 200 in months, not weeks I think. It’s a slow but steady road for pin.

Etsy…possibly by the end if the year.
Shame what’s happening with Etsy though. Investors were not too happy with the results

So I’ve been interested in Etsy for a while, but I can’t get my head around a glaring issue. Users are selling a crap ton of copyrighted/trademarked material. This is the only thing holding me back from investing, but actually I guess it is also one of the main draws to the company.

How is this company/individuals getting away with intellectual property theft? Just really poor online selling regulations?