US stock markets dropping

NASDAQ Composite Index down 3.37%

Nasdaq-100 Index down 3.42%

Dow Industrial down 1.77%

S&P 500 down 2.41%

Russell 2000 down 2.73%

Time to buy the dips.

It’s hitting me bad, but I’m holding ((((hnnnnng)))


Would have increased my position in my plays today but spent it yesterday on the dips. Now this today. Ev’s down and MARA was a shock as it’s been a popular choice. What’s with Xpeng too!!

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Yeah I believe we have a bit of a correction going on.

Then on top of that looking at the volumes on meme stocks I think we have a lot of people pulling their money to throw back into them as they are really the only things surging, other than stocks still down from COVID like your airlines, Rolls Royce, Oil etc

I have taken this as a time to buy some stocks while they are on sale!

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One thing I noticed last time when meme stocks took off was penny stocks, SPAC’s, clean energy and EV all took a massive hit therefore I can only “assume” that the people who are buying meme stocks would normally have been invested in these sectors


Cant believe have much my spacs have dropped, nearing my average again now after months of being up.


These are correcting for good and it will get worse.

Meme stocks are newbies who are just signing up to pump and quick buck they have no interest in investing or trading.

Smart money is oil, some travel, financial (temporarily)

Interest rates are going to rise (year maybe two)

That’s my opinion.


The dip is getting deeper. :eyes:


Still holding my Butterfly Network and Blue Owl SPACs as I do believe in them in the long run.

Although I expect a crash soon if this isn’t it yet.

Check out the ARKK graph. She seems to find herself buying the dips in company’s with in which she has large holdings in. ARK now own over 10% in nearly 30 companies. It could be pretty messy.

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This is where slow adding of new funds can work great, keep that new capital buying and either you keep buying more great companies for better price or you new buys go up. win win.

Oddly I am annoyed some of my stocks didnt go down… I am building a position in JPM and wanted to build out AXP but both have just gone up mental recently, good to balance my losses but those were ones I thought wouldn’t pop for few months yet haha, CANT TIME THE MARKET as always.

Aside from AXP and JPM, I got my eye on JNJ if it goes $150 or less, MSFT under $220 as those two I also want to build out more.

This is where I hope people didnt d silly things like go all in one ARK funds thinking it means your diverse, and also didn’t mix up say S&P500 index with an ARK etf (I have seen people do this).
Stay safe out there all.