Has anyone bought anything today?

With the market being inflated on the back of the Covid news, and 212 being down a good chunk of the day, has anyone actually invested in anything today?

Some stocks I was looking at seem to have reacted like the whole market seems to have, in regards to a Covid vaccine, so I am holding off actually opening a position with them now. Good idea? bad idea? I am hoping their prices will settle down a little after today.

You mean selling something that suddenly was too inflated? Yes

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I have brought Novacyt as it dropped a large amount on the COVID news. Thing is there will be still be mass testing so must have been panic selling.

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Yes actually there are good deals I guess, there has been not much middle ground today, many stocks went up big while others went down big, I have sold some that went up a 20-30% up in a few days and reached my price target, looking to buy something at a “cheap” price before the end of the day…

I took 50% profit out of a couple of stocks (left the rest to fly), and sold another stock (eventually).

Stressful couple of hours though.


Good for you on the 50% profit :slight_smile:

I was mainly asking if anyone had opened a position in these inflated hours rather than selling. Any stocks I had done my due diligence on and was going to purchase have been pumped up and im going to wait for them to settle again, I hope.

Much the same. I was hoping to jump into 2 or 3 stocks but the downtime meant they flew without me. Very frustrating.

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A couple of my pies were set to rebalance pushing money from profitable slices into the losing slices. It triggered on US open. Was a good decision as now those slices are up :joy:

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My plan for today was:


Then as new things happend:
Bought MCD dip


I was going to put more into VWRP but will hang fire until Wednesday when Monks (MNKS) and Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI) go live!

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Purchased more Telodoc and Fivrr :white_check_mark:

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How do you feel about Peloton over prices or could still climb under lockdown?

Nope. I’ve been selling all day long. Markets went up too quickly in my opinion…

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So you could not sell at the top prices today then? Enlil

@Lil_Bri Nope. But I don’t really care. I’ve never been able to time markets properly :smile: As long as I make a profit, I’m happy.
Today must have been a pain in the butt for day traders though. Having your platform dying on you like that at the worst possible moment… :nauseated_face:

So your more of a trader than an investor? I’m in it for the long term myself. Tried a bit of trading at the beginning of the year but could hack it!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: So changed my system and went more Passive investing in ETF’s as bulk of my Portfolio and individual stock making up the rest. How do you play the investing game???

I guess I’m somewhere in-between. I wouldn’t say I’m a trader but I’m not a investor either. I tend to hold unless I see a clear opportunity to sell and buy back a bit later at a better price.

I only trade ETFs and I usually trade based on the evolution of Nasdaq and S&P500 futures/CFDs. To try and figure out where the market is going, I use several indicators (bollinger bands, stoch rsi and macd) on multiple timescales (1h, 4h, 1d charts) and I try to identify potential support and resistance levels that way (I find resistance levels to be much harder to find).

I know the explanations above suck. I’ve been trying to come up with something decent for 30 mins. Didn’t work. Fuck it. I’m giving up :partying_face:

I didn’t buy anything, I did sell APPL today though as I am concerned they are in the “mature” phase.

I’m probably wrong of course but it seemed like a good opportunity to free up some funds and make a small profit.

Your explanation if sound I think I get what you do. I’m no expert but you deal in ETF’s and you buy low and sell high. You put a range so you don’t lose if drops. It sound hard work to me, I’m rather a lazy invest but each to own. If it’s profitable who care eh!!!

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Shorted SPY on open for some profits in amongst the sever issues. I opened a short position on ProShares UltraPro QQQ right before close. And a small long position of 5 CFDs each in Nvidia and Fastly.