place multiple orders

it would be good to select multiple stocks and give one single order.
For example if I have in my portfolio 10 stocks with profit, I would like to select them and place one single order to sell them all, without being selling one by one which is very boring…
In same way I would like to select 10 stocks to buy with a fixed amount (for example 20 dollars each one), in a single order, without buying one by one, which is very boring…

Interesting suggestion.

For now, it might work to put the investments you want to sell in a separate pie and then just sell everything in the pie?

I know it’s not the same, but it might be easier than selling the investments one by one.

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That certainly makes a lot of sense, @ninvest - I’ll pass your suggestion along and we’ll see if we can add it to our To-Do List :memo:

In the meantime, @EquityInvestor 's workaround should do the trick.

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Thanks both by the reply, but unfortunately pies does not help much because when using “import instruments”, there is no any filter so stocks search becomes dificult.
I think to select multiple stocks from our portfolio would be the best solution (with filter function even best!). And after the selling, the selected stocks could be maintained selected, to allow buy them again by a fixed amount, for example 5 euros!
Hoping this suggestion can go forward!