Platform BUG or something?

HI , this morning the platform closed 1 of my position for the reason of insuficient founds. The problem is that my acc never got to 25% . Yes it is at 30% but i have everything covered. So i have lost 150 euros for a bug or something . Can someone help me with this ?

More than likely the price gapped and then it closed you out.

If you were at 30%, more than likely the candle dropped and hit 25%, causing a margin call/sell.

Check the chart and look at the candlestick data.

Nothing like that happened , i have everything in Ford Stock , and it was stable this morning , nothing special to bring my acc down 5%

@RRaoul Even though you’re completely hedged, you can still get affected by wide spreads since that increase both the BUY & SELL price at the same time - which means increased losses on all positions.
Since this is the pre-market session, spreads are usually a bit wider. The spread is tighest when there’s the most trading activity which is always during the regular session - 14:30 - 21:30 GMT+1.