Short sale just stopped on own accord!

Can someone please explain this was in profit on a short sell them boom out of no where. I was at a loss even though the chart was no where near where it was

It just came up with a message saying I was - £-66 and closed at 19.52. The line was no way near that. I didn’t even press anything it just did it.

Reach out to in app support

try changing the view from line graph to candlestick and see whats happening there. all it takes is for the candle wick to cross your line to trigger a stoploss. which is why I will never use the feature.

Was this the demo? It’s known to be buggy.

A candle wick that tall? Looks like almost a 50% jump… That to for a fraction of a second?

the wonders that are “Market Orders” prices can fly off in any direction to any extent when there are simply no better offers on the table.

I checked the stock in question and the price bounced up to 19.50 and held there for 5 minutes. beyond that is anyones guess. but these are inherent risks when allowing a machine to make decisions for you.

It kicked me out at 1632.

As you can see no jump up at that time to 19.5. I’ve spoke to an advisor who said he would look into it. Again I’m pretty new to this and learning as I go. Probably the hard way but I’m trying ha.

@Summers2808 It’s because there was a huge spike in the “BUY” price of the security. It’s very unfortunate but could happen sometimes with such highly speculative stocks.
The “BUY” price chart is visible on the web platform.