This is already available too!

Not for new EU joiners I’d assume

I see!
Thought it was just a search-fail.
Ironic though…

Hi Philby, Hi Donaldo,
Indeed I’m a new EU joiner, thanks for your answers, much appreciated.
I’ll try to contact some support to buy those assets.

Hope you get an ‘in’ to those stocks (Hermès has definitely been a winner).
Wasn’t trying to be a wise-guy - I was just surprised that those companies wouldn’t be available to EU citizens!

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What is this about Deutsche Post not being available to new EU joiners? Is there a new rule? I’m an EU user and have holdings in it. Granted I’ve been using the app for a while now.

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Onboarded via a different mechanism to you. Not all instruments available for new users yet.

EU residents pre-Brexit are still on T212 UK platform, the new EU customers are being onboard on a new EU T212 platform (under Cyprus supervision & regulation), and that new platform still lacks all the financial instruments already present in the T212 UK. T212 announced the full equivalence up to the end of September.

All the EU residents pre-Brexit still on T212 UK platform will be migrated to the new EU T212 platform.


Interesting! I wasn’t aware. I assumed the transition had been made to T212s Eastern European office already. Good to know. More brexit headaches!