Please add EVGN

Please can Evogene be added to trading 212?



It’s traded on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to which T212 don’t have access yet.

+1 I believe it’s also Nasdaq listed.

I see now that is on Nasdaq also, my bad.
Thank you for correcting me.

Please add evogene, ticker EVGN



Hello guys can you please add stock EVOGEN symbol EVGN. It is about to be a real deal so we need to buy it quick. Thank you

Please add this one, looking to buy

Hi Rygel!
Can we finally have EVGN added please

Rygel is not part of the T212, so unfortunately he cannot add it.
Members of the T212 team have an inverted blue V symbol on their profile picture.

See AlexK’s profile picture on this post, as an example: