Please add LON:HONY

Sorry to disappoint but this ticker is probably not for the company you think it might be. They do not make or sell toys for girls and boys.

Can we please add this Honeycomb Investment Trust.

The Management fees seem a little high at 1%, especially with a 10% performance fee, but its returns and regular dividend appear fairly favourable to compensate for the fees(2.62%).

Its liquidity is reflective of this being more of a long term holding.


More details:

I’m not so familiar with Trusts, but what matters isn’t the price returns (“market value”)? Because the NAV is the value, but is the price that someone buys or sells that are really enters or leaves the investor account.

That is true. Anything is only worth what anyone is willing to pay. On the AIC website can see it traded at a fair premium to NAV until late Q3 2019, and is now trading about 6% discount.

Ok, so it’s better to see the fund price returns and not the NAV returns (for those not so watchful, it can confuse some). In some aspects, the OEIC are more easy to analyze than the IT, for people with less experience.