Weiss Korea investment fund

Just to confirm for this and other funds. Is the price per share we pay determined by the performance of the various stocks the fund has purchased and their weighting? As opposed to the price per share being basked on demand/supply for the fund shares?

It’s price as shot up a lot since it came on 212 so just want to check that’s not because suddenly people are buying it because it’s now available but rather because those Korean stocks have done well recently

I presume you are talking about this -


It is a bit of both, but more of the latter.

You will see from the link, the calculated NAV as at the 26th January was 310.8p, and I think it closed at 290p on the day, so almost a 6.7% discount.

The price loosely follows the value of the Investment Trusts assets (NAV), but the price it trades at, is based on demand. On high demand it would trade at a premium, and low demand you would expect it to trade at a discount.

Thanks, that helps. Some great companies in there. I saw Samsung and Hyundai are now available generally on t212 but exposure to some other good ones in there!

The only thing. Would say is the management fees seem a bit high at 1.5%.