Please add [LON:PUR] ASAP

please add [LON:PUR] ty

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When can we expect to see this added? Thanks.

Is it “Pure Gold Mining Inc”?

Don’t expect it too soon. I requested LON: GWMO end of April and its not been added yet. Not sure what order they are going in, but they have got about 10,000 stocks to go through at a rate of 200/week. That started about a month ago, so only another 8-9 months until all stocks are added.

You may be lucky and it could go up next week. Or, you may not be and it won’t be up until March 2021.

Its a free trading platform so you can’t ask too much of them I suppose! They are doing it generally out of the goodness of their hearts to bring affordable trading to the masses. Of course, also to entice people onto their fee-paying CFD platform :wink:

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Ok, thanks for the heads up it was my first request so i wasn’t sure how long the wait was hopefully we’ll both get added soon fingers crossed :slight_smile:

They’ll be looking at stocks with good liquidity first.

I imagine GWMO doesn’t quite fit the bill.


I think that 200 rate per week is too slow imho. I would rather pay some sort of premium and get 10k all in relatively short time. 1 year of waiting will lose more opportunities to make money than I.e. HL fee is.

Well HL charge about £12/trade. Personally I prefer no to pay as I prefer to buy small amounts of lots of different shares.

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There is already so many stocks on platform and it not so hard to find opportunity to invest while waiting for stocks requested

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Also interested in seeing this added. :eyes:

I agree, it would be interesting to have this one :slight_smile:

There are plenty alternatives when shares aren`t available as fractional shares