Please add VALE

Could you add VALE, nickel mining in Indonesia

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Is this not it?


It was just added on the 6th Oct. Is one of the 2500 stocks that are being added this week.


Please can Vale and Srac (momentus) and Aerojet rocketdyme be made fractional - i can then look to add these to a pie then

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+1 for SRAC to become fractional… I want to add this to my space pie ASAP. Hopefully this one will pay off in the same way as SPCE and MAXR.

Are you long on Maxar? I noticed Micheal Burry bought some, sold but still has 1/3 left

Yes. My time horizon on all three main space related stocks is a minimum of 10 years and I plan to cost average throughout.

Massive spec plays… but in my opinion I’m fairly confident that they will pay off.

Obviously there is opportunity to play the SPAC up to the merger date and swing some returns (may also be possible with SPCE up until the Branson flight) but I personally am just going to ride these for the long term and see what happens.

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Interesting. I like space as the ultimate speculation play, let’s face it with Elon, Jeff and Richard Branson in the industry - there must be some serious potential…otherwise it’s one hell of a vanity project. US gvt also has a space military division.

Just unsure how much space exposure I want :+1:t3:

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I have exactly the same thoughts in regard to the levels of players getting into the space game and the serious cash behind them.

I’m probably going to end up at 15-20% exposure space plays over the next couple of years.

I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more about these companies as the market segment develops. I want to be in as early as possible… but going in with an open mind that my investments may not pay off substantially for years to come or even at all. Massive speculation on these.

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You need some conviction (managing risk) if you want to make a life changing sum I guess

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Completely agree! That’s what we are all chasing long term I suppose. Don’t get me wrong, I also have a decent dividend pie that I plan to pay into for a very very long time, however having a few big wins with some growth spec plays is what keeps me on my toes and interested.

Note on SRAC, Momentus, check out their investment presentation. It’s a quick 15 min read. A lot of their long term plans seem like pipe dreams e.g mining water on asteroids etc. But their core business of last mile satellite delivery & service I can see real value in. If SpaceX and NASA are willing to do business with them, there is hope this one pays off… the crazy things they mention in their presentation nearly scared me off (I don’t want another fantasy company in my port… cough cough NKLA). I’ve weighed up the risk and I’m in. Worth a read as part of your due diligence. Plus I found it very interesting :+1:

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Thanks I’ll check them out. Might be worth a tiny position which can be behold up over time. My strategy is upto 18 companies which are a long term play… then a separate pie for short term trades. (See dumb money tv on your tube - chris camillo is amazing!)