Investors in Space industry

Just a heads up in case any investors are here with an interest in a chunk of the growing space Industry.

This was just announced today. Momentus inc and Stable Road Acquisitions (SRAC) are looking to merge via their SPAC

Looks an interesting stock

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Thanks for sharing, it is already on 212. Something to look into with a long view.

Yeah I was surprised when it was announced to see it was already available. Big thanks to @Joey_Fantana & @Arron for keeping the SPACs constantly updated and the T212 team for getting them live asap

No worries, that’s the whole point of getting them on here at IPO +52 days. So no one misses out after these announcements.

Saw this yesterday and the SPAC list should already be updated. :+1:t2:



There was another one also to do with space but I forget which company and SPAC, I saw them both being announced in the last couple of days :frowning:

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Hit us back with the name if you think of it Matt please!

I can’t find it anywhere, maybe it was just an intent rather than confirmation :weary:

…or a dream haha, happens to me quite often! Thanks anyway.

Be interested to know @Matt_C so yeah please let us know if you stumble across it again. All the articles I have read so far about Momentus inc (find it so hard to remember their name) describe them as being only the second Space company to go public, with Virgin Galactic being the first.
So if there is a third maybe they haven’t picked up on it yet.

212 have srac listed bit not sracu which includes the warrants. 1/2 warrant per share. Can this be added or not?

Speaking of other space stocks the other one i have investments in is Maxar Technolgies (MAXR). I’ve had a good return so far, but plan to hold Maxar, Virgin Galactic and Momentus for a very long time. These space stocks are all 10+ year time horizons of course to make them really pay off. Note Maxar even pays a dividend, so if your interested in spec space plays it may be one worth taking a look at.

Yeah only just heard about MAXR the other day. Looks like its already had a good run. I like to jump on them a bit sooner as there is little to compare to and the growth is more uncertain.
Will look further into them

I still see great growth potential in all three companies discussed. Agreed may be best waiting for a dip to get into MAXR if you end up being interested after your DD, but my opinion is I can’t really see all three of these stocks being less than $100 in 5 years time. I’m going to cost average each month… also helps diversify portfolios into another emerging market I suppose.


Make your own “Procure Space ETF (UFO)” with a basket on T212. Not all shares from the original etf are here available. But with the avaibable fractional shares, I made this basket:

Pls can you check the link? If you go on share pie - it creates a link

Link also doesn’t work for me, it strangely just opens up the T212 app on my iPhone and doesn’t open in a separate tab in safari like normal pie links. Can you please check the link?

Kenso Final Frontiers ETF: ROKT is a really good ETF for space companies but it isnt in 212 yet, hope they add it soon

You have right, on the iPhone the link only opens the T212 app. But the link works on a desktop pc or mac. Try it again with a desktop browser!

@George Why do the share link not work as expected on a iPhone? Is this a bug?

Nice makeshift UFO ETF but would rather take Virgin out and give more to maxar and the rest

Link works on IOS for me

I have based myself here in the compilation of UFO etf: