Please can these stocks be added if possible

PDN - Paladin Energy
UEX - UEX Corp
ARE - Aecom Group INC
GLO - Global Atomic Corp
AEC - Anfield Energy INC
URA - Global X Uranium ETF

Thank you.

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@CA1 , welcome to our community.

If you want new additions, you should post their exchanges to be better identified.

Your requests aren’t feasible, due to non-available exchanges at T212, e.g. Canadian exchanges (TSE, CVE), Australian exchanges (ASX) and US exchange (NYSEARCA). Also US-domiciled ETFs can’t be added to European brokers due to legal restrictions.

PDN - Paladin Energy :x: β†’ ASX
UEX - UEX Corp :x: β†’ TSE
ARE - Aecom Group INC β†’ ??? (Correct ticker?)
GLO - Global Atomic Corp :x: β†’ TSE
AEC - Anfield Energy INC :x: β†’ CVE
URA - Global X Uranium ETF :x: β†’ NYSEARCA (and also US-domiciled ETF)

To better understand the T212 requests’ dynamics, read this thread: