Please remember staff are real people

Yes it is annoying when it goes down but Trading212 is a free service.

Before you start raging at the customer service staff remember that they are real people and they probably know as much as you when it comes to the website and app being down.

TL;DR - dont be a d*ck.


It is free, yes, but people are losing money at this moment because of their bad services


Totally agree… But make no mistake nothing is FREE including 212… You pay as a user through the bigger than average spreads. Saying anything other is misleading and simply not true.


Just to clarify this, spreads are wider only on CFD, which helps pay to keep Invest/ISA free. The Invest/ISA spread is not touched.


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Well they are earning the interest on sat balances so they are earning money on invest/isa too…

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They earn on share lending in Invest which also helps pay the bills.

Anyway I support the don’t be a dick to people. It’s T212 that need to do something. The staff know there’s an issue and needs fixing. There’s always the potential for something to go wrong. Hopefully they can figure out how to minimise downtime in future.


How is it free when we actually LOSE money? And when we pay spreads.


It was the first time my account was looking up. I know its not staff’s fault but we haven’t had any news about what they’ll do to rectify.

If you opened an account and left it untouched it would be free.

No monthly fee, and buy and sell fee.

You can’t assign a paper loss to T212 for the stocks you choose. You could also be in profit depending whats currently in your portfolio.

I assume they might actually create a post with what happened once they’ve had a chance to fix it, and then work out why.


A free service? What are you talking about? I’ve paid close to 1000 dollars in interest alone this year. Not to mention the spread.


No Joe, they must know more than an average Joe (more than us) that’s why we are using their uninterrupted service.

Wrong. We pay a spread so it isn’t free. Also FX charges. It might be alright for you, but I literally got my account straight.

Edit: not FX charges but potential losses.

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There is only the raw market spread on Invest/ISA which is what Phil said, CFD you are correct - there is a mark-up on the spread as well as swap charges (interest) and therefore it is not free

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When something is wrong we need to have to courage to say if something is wrong. At my day job when someone makes a BIG mistake people die. So being yelled at for SMALL mistakes builds up character. And in 12 years because my mentors have helped me build my character, I and no one I know has made a big mistake.

Secondly we are also people as well. So if you loose money it is only normal to get angry and express that anger in what I hope is a constructive way. Only by yellowing Trading212 that they have a BIG issue with their server will they take notice and actually improve the service.

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Which bit was wrong? Please point it out.

The spread isn’t touched for Invest/ISA is what I said. It’s only wider on CFD. Here it is again.

I didn’t mention FX. But again this only applies to CFD. The Invest/ISA has zero FX charges.

So the Invest/ISA and CFD, has no monthly fee, no fees for buying and selling.

The Invest/ISA has no FX fee, and the spread is not widened.

The CFD has a 0.5% FX fee, and the spread is widened.

And yes there are FX charges on the ISA, for conversion. FX loss or gain.

There isn’t, there is no adjustment to the exchange rate.


You need to calm down and then reread what you are writing.


The FX loss and gain is due to the pound strengthening or weakening.

It’s not something T212 has power over.

Please trust me.

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Okay guys I’m frazzled. I’m sorry.


You might be upset but you are literally trying to blame T212 for the exchange rate. Not trying to defend T212 but that isn’t correct.

You are saying you aren’t that stupid but you wouldn’t have wrote those posts telling me to look at the loss/gain if you understood. I wasn’t trying to be rude. Apologies if it came off like that.

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