PLTR discussion thread

I bought PLTR at around $10 seeing some momentum in that stock and already gained around 50%.

When I bought it I just saw that it provides software for governments and allows patterns within datasets etc.

Basically I have read some articles and understood horse shit. Big data??

I have seen that they have made a contract with an oil company which will help that oil company save around $1B.

I know that PLTR is being extensively supported by the US govt and they won’t enter the Chinese market, which means this company is never going bankrupt.

The fact that Peter Thiel and Karp stuck with that damn company for 17 years(they don’t need money, they have higher ambitions), the fact that it has an ownership structure and incentive system much like TSLA, where Elon is being handsomely rewarded(and could tackle Jeff) and the fact that they have absolute control of the company(much like the lizard man Zuck) and the fact that no one actually understand clearly(currently) what PLTR are doing makes me certain that this could become the next MSFT if Karp can execute on their visions.

All I want to understand from you guys is how big a market PLTR is actually playing in? Which other companies do you think will eat PLTRs lunch(MSFT and AMZN seem very likely)?

And if PLTR actually manages to pull off its game, how could it be impacting our lives?

I kinda know what you guys will say, take profit and to never invest in something I don’t understand, but please avoid this kinds of answers, because I know that.:sweat_smile:

I know their TAM is around $120B(according to them) something but that generally increases as they create more and more products.

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I recommend you listen to the below for a bit of a DD.

Despite what people say about the Fool the podcasts are pretty good.