Next big thing?

So after a pretty flat couple of weeks for me I’m wondering what’s your next big stock tip?
I’m talking growth stocks here not stable steady companies, I’m maxed out on those already.

I appreciate it might lose money but I’m interested in what you all think


BANT seems to be JAGs hot tip - see other threads complaining about execution


I agree with this. Since the Atlantic City Fire Dept. contract, it seems to be getting a lot of interest from other services/companies. I haven’t found much in the way of other significant completed deals just yet, but I believe they will surely secure more soon.

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Have either of you invested in BANT yet? Seems like a fairly big p/e ratio but this isn’t unusual for a rapidly growing company. I see its also in the top50 disruptor stocks aswell

  • CERES Power

And MWE MTI Wireless Edge if its available on 212.

some YOLO advice would be to head over to wallstreetbets on reddit and find a meme stock to buy, look at just happened with GME today, insane stuff. another one they like is PLTR

Is TP ICAP paying that dividend?
Looks like they are.
Do you know why the stock has dropped so much since 2018?

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For me, NIO, Cloudflare, Datadog, Digital Turbine, Plug Power, and Palantir are the ones I’m expecting big growth on. Also I’m holding American Water Works and Canadian National Railway long term as well for their more steady but impressive growth.


Thats the original article that got me looking at the stock, agree with its comments on rising costs from integrations, general delays in business changes from unknowns around Brexit hasnt help them.

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@red was being funny :joy: it wasn’t an actual suggestion

BANT is pure Reddit pump and dump trash

Along with the influx of other threads where people are being tricking into 0.0002 stocks and find they can’t sell.

Do a quick search here for GAXY or HCMC

Seems in the past three weeks we’ve had so many shit pink sheet stock requests because of a FOMO


@red Well the teacher once told me there’s always one clown in the class room.

I have added all the suggestions to watch, thankyou to all the genuine people.

I’m wise enough not to buy before doing my own dd before buying, I also ready the post by jag and thought it was a bit odd.

@phildawson I don’t really buy penny stocks or aim listings, but it’s always nice to see what others are buying or hoping to see gains in.

As Phil says it wasn’t meant seriously hence the comment about complaints over execution!
Apologies to anyone who took it seriously!


As there’s thousands of stocks, what’s common knowledge to one won’t be to another.
It’s all good, I had a look!

I have, and not just because of their drone deal. I believe they will stick to the plan and use profits from the various COVID related products to grow their business in the other ways, something which they’ve clearly already started doing.

I’m excited to see what kind of company they will end up as in the future and I like that they are succeeding in things from hand sanitiser to ventilators to drones.

Of course they aren’t perfect, you could find fault with them like you can any company, but they have great potential and have demonstrated capability in multiple areas.

Everyone said I was crazy investing in Aston Martin earlier last year, I was happy with my near 100% gains when I sold.
I have added it and will take a look even if it’s just a small amount.
If I listened to all the haters I’d never make any money


Hi everyone - new here, about to start up a portfolio.

Have been through a number of ETFs and a mix of stocks…what do you think of the following picks:



Thoughts greatly appreciated!

(Not sure if all of the ETFs or picks are available on 212)

I created a health gamble pie today returning me -49.74% aar lol although, I believe they have a shot at giving me back a x3-5 within a year or two so will add £100 a month into it for next 3 months and see how it fairs

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Riot, Mara, PACB, Edit, got a few more but these stocks are really volatile

Tesla earnings next week too, could be a good catalyst, price been stuck 2 weeks prior to earings

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