NKLA stock, bought more on the dips


I took advantage of the drops yesterday and scooped up more NKLA stock. I’m hopeful that in five to ten years it could be a real winner and make me some decent money. I own 100 shares in them now.

Anyone else taking a punt on NKLA?


I’ve got a small punt on them, no where near 100 shares though!

I’ve got around 5 at the moment I scooped yesterday. It’s something I may keep adding too on dips.

I know they get mocked on here abit as they have virtually no revenue as of yet; but all companies start from an idea and I like the sound of there business. They have some huge hurdles to get through relating to the hydrogen fuel stations. But they are smart and have partnered Bosch for some manufacturing I believe.

There is a huge risk to them also so I’ll keep my position reasonably small and try to weather them storms and hold long term.

imho, I rather give money to charity, then to let money go to waste in toilet stonk NKLA.

Paying for company that didn’t earn single dollar is beyond comprehensive… :trolleybus:

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That’s fair if that’s your opinion. Although the SPACs seem to be doing pretty well right now.

I am happy to risk 150 for the potential gains.

But we all have different strategies right?

All companies start from zero, they have some great ideas and an OEM partner announcement soon I believe. I haven’t invested that much but the potential gains are huge if it takes off.

I know this may be against the grain here but 5 years maybe Tesla is doing well but in 10 I cant see them existing much.

Musk will move on hes a child with a short attention span.

The fad of them being cool electric and differnt goes

And then it’s just minor auto brand vs litteraly every other car manufacturer who will have moved over by then.

When the average BMW m3 is electric who’s going to be spending the premium on a Tesla?

shhh, don’t say only cars to the TESLA crowd. It is so much more than just car manufacturer.

But hey 95% of the revenue comes from automotive business… who are we to judge :trolleybus:

SpaceX is what I want to invest in but I cant see musk ever giving up control and taking it public.

Space mining man space mining

Id also like to get into spaceX but think your right on him not taking it public, not yet anyway!

Happy days today with NKLA👍🏻