Polymetal International

The stock appears to be going to be delisted if the company gets re-domiciliated, although being traded regularly for the moment, @pinklot.

However, the delisting is not confirmed yet, and we are closely monitoring the situation. We will provide any updates if such come up.

Thanks @Michael.M
Are you able to provide options to shareholders, so would t212 support the redomiciled listing on another Exchange and transfer an existing holding or would we need to liquidate the holding prior to any future delisting from the LSE?

At the time of writing, the re-domiciliation is still in the proposition stage and not yet confirmed.

We can’t speculate on the impact it may have on clients’ holdings if it gets confirmed. However, we’re keeping a close eye on the situation as it develops, so you can rest assured we’ll update you in due course in case of any news.

Re-domiciliation is now confirmed, how does this affect my holdings? will they be transferred to the new exchange, or will the positions be closed at current value?

If true @B.E @Bogi.H what’s T212 position?

We’re in communication with our intermediary as we speak. I’ll let you know what’s next as soon as I have more info.

@B.E Were you able to progress with your communication with the intermediary? We are eagerly waiting for an update. Thanks

Here’s the latest information we got:

POLY on LSE will remain in close only, only sell orders are accepted by our Intermediary.

As for the stock’s re-domiciliation to Kazakhstan, there are no confirmed corporate actions in that direction, and it currently remains listed on the LSE.

With regards to the OTC listing of the stock - AUCOY, it is completely suspended from trading.

Soo what is going to happen to the shareholders. Can we transfer our shares to other broker … can we hold the shares after delisting from the market as we are still shareholders .what are the options ?

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As the company remains listed on LSE, we can’t speculate on any future corporate events. However, we will make sure to update the thread as the situation develops further.

Unfortunately, share transfers are not yet supported on our platform.

Am stuck in sell mode :wave:

Was just about to share that, but @Zrtz beat me to it. Anyway, yes - we have another update on the topic. Check this post or the above Help Centre article for more info :v:

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24hrs Later my sell order wont execute :roll_eyes:


It depends of the buyers and the book orders priorities (most probably, first come, first served).

Sell orders with the LSE listing of POLY should go through just fine as long as the liquidity conditions allow it. If an order is stuck, then most likely, that’s not the case.

Yes, my sell order finally went through this morning, happy to close the chapter of this terrible mistake.
Only Mr. Putin could have foresee this invasion

Update on 02.01.2024:

Without resurrecting this thread, I have feeling Evraz will be the next to be delisted and maybe FXPO if Russia succeeds

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I agree with you entirely and I had exactly the same thought. I wrote off my Evraz shares to 0 in my records may months ago now.