Platform Development Idea's

Just wanted to post a list of features I think it would be really useful and cool to see implemented.

I know that as a community we have already suggested some of these so there may be some overlap.

Dedicated Portfolio Page - A page solely for all details regarding your held positions, piechart weightings and profit losses etc

Export Portfolio - the ability to export our portfolio in a format that lots of portfolio trackers can accept to track our performance.

Multi-currency Balance - Being able to hold more than a single currency in our account. Ideally at least the basic, USD, GBP and EUR.

Specialised Pie Charts - Able to set up pie charts using particular positions of our portfolio for a more comprehensive display. Such as but not limited to; positions per region/currency, positions per industry, growth to dividend, overall weighting and initial investment to current value(with or without free cash)

Email Logs as standard - All sessions with the live help chat feature or other correspondence with T212 staff should be logged and made accessible to users, either via a dedicated email or as a section on the platform/website for record-keeping purposes. (people forget and feel awkward about going back multiple times to ask the same questions)

FX rate ticker - when investing using the platform there should be a box alongside the portfolio values that indicates to 3 or 4 decimal places the current exchange rates between the currencies used on the platform so that users can make informed decisions about the share price without having to leave the app or web platform. Users should be able to set their default currency as the standard by which conversions occur.

Portfolio email opt-in/out - Users should be able to tick a box in their profile to determine whether they want to receive daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports on their portfolio performance. the emails need to be adjusted to be more informative and have greater clarity with unnecessary fields left out. The emails do not zoom well on mobile devices and those with difficulty seeing small text will struggle to read the table.

Dividend Analysis - provide means for tracking and recording dividend payments alongside links to any forms that may need to be filled out to reduce taxes where applicable.

Scheduled Direct Debits - Allow users to deposit a fixed amount of funds into their account on a specified date each month (or perhaps weekly/biweekly for those looking for a steady stream of funds rather than a single lump deposit)

This is all I could think of at the moment and understand some are in the works or already being considered, and not all may be feasible or provide enough benefit to be determined useful enough to implement.

I will make further posts if anything comes to mind later on. :grin:


+1 :+1:
I like most of the ideas and it would be cool at least some of these ideas to be implemented, especially the FX indicator one. Good suggestions! :wink:

For long term investors, I will profit to add this idea [Buy Options] Recurrence as a feature for periodically investing strategy - maybe it will get improvements or more traction from here. :blush:

Other than Dividiend Analysis and Direct Debits I don’t see much value (ok maybe detailed portfolio page for those anal enough to think “must have 11% tech”).

The multi-currency stuff leads to its own problems. What if you have 4 EUR and 3 USD and you want to buy a £5 share? In that case you’re already taking advantage of the spot fx rate like currently. Or you want to buy a 4 USD stock

Do I want to click the top bit & see “free funds” and “portfolio” broken down into 3 separate currencies? or to switch between different currency views? Not really

You have fractional shares mate. So no need to use spot fx, buy USD share for how much USD you have, same for GBP/EU.

In addition to what Dao mentioned. +1 for whole post.

Would be cool to have DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) to avoid losses to witholding tax for folks that tend to reinvest dividends anyway.

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Not for all shares/ETFs

Unfortunately that’s not how it works.

Receiving dividends is the equivalent of getting paid, you’ll always be liable for tax. Reinvesting them immediately does not change that. DRIP is the equivalent of you investing new capital, but automated.

I got to increase my googling skills! Cheers :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions @Dao. :v:t2:

Some we’re already working on, others - we’ll definitely take note.

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@ukcz Not yet :wink: