Portfolio Alerts - Auto Add when limit order created

The Portfolio Alerts feature was introduced last year and automatically creates price volatility alerts when you purchase a stock.

However when you lodge a limit order (but have not yet purchased any) it would also be useful to get alerts.

I think you can already do this (I may be wrong). For any company search for the company and then click to set an alert. You can set a price alert but on the web platform there is also a tab “change” and if you click on that you can set the volatility alert

Thanks for your feedback, @vostonk :pray:

@WakeMeUp’s workaround here is valid, but I do see how enabling these alerts with the placement of a limit order can be useful. I’ll share this with the team, and we’ll notify the Community if this becomes live in the future.

I’ll ask here because it is connected with alerts. Now alert contain only a ticker symbol. Could you add also company name besides the ticker?