Portfolio Alerts - Auto Remove when position closed

The Portfolio Alerts feature was introduced last year and automatically creates price volatility alerts when you purchase a stock.

However when you close a position (sell all holdings) the alerts remain running. It is annoying to get alerts for a stock which I no longer own.

When a position is closed the alerts should be removed.


it may (or may not) be nice to have it automatically deleted but you can disable the volatility alerts for any individual stock so you can do this albeit it requires a few extra clicks

Thanks for sharing your feedback about this, @vostonk :pray:

Once you sell your shares, the app presents you with an option to disable the alerts for the instrument. Still, I’ll pass your feedback to the team and we’ll share if automatic removal is introduced in the future.

Thanks, usually I sell using limit orders so I’m not prompted to remove the alerts.

Yep I’m doing that at the moment - but as you say it’s a few extra clicks and across a moderately active portfolio it adds up.