Alerts should make an audible sound

Using the desktop trading platform in Chrome, when I set a price alert and the price is reached then a banner notification appears briefly on the screen. However, I can easily miss seeing this. I would like to hear an alert sound also. Can this be done?


Good idea.

If you download the app, you hear an alert which is nice. Would be good to have the same on desktop.


Wouldnt mind having push notification with quick buy option :slight_smile:

I set 100 Limit orders, but when few trigger and spend all funds I lose rest of 97 and have to do all over again :(((

I particularly desire this when I want to buy a fractional share and it is impossible to set a limit order. I would like to be able to sit the other side of the room and hear an audible notification when my target price is reached. With my phone connected to Chrome notificationa using the Your Phone app, I do get a message come through, but it is often delayed by 30 seconds, so that by the time I hear it the price has moved. Alternatively, could we please have limit orders for fractional shares?