Set Alert Feature Upgrade

With the current issue around the amount of small limit orders that are clogging up the service, I was thinking about how people will be setting Alerts to notify them if their stock has reduced to a level they are comfortable buying in.

The problem with the current set Alert system is that if I miss a notification by 5 minutes or so or by the time I check, the price has shot up maybe 50c to $1 already.

Edit: Explained MUCH better in next post with screenshots.

I felt this idea may have been overlooked, especially considering the β€˜temporary’ block on limit orders is still ongoing.
I have included some screenshots from Binance on how this could work.
So when someone adds a new alert, it loads an alert screen as such:

User then selects option (Stock price rises/drops to, 24 Hour change is more/less than X%):

User then choose Frequency of the alert (Always/Once a day/Once)

This stops the need for logging in just to find the stock price has jumped and having to reset the alert.