Portfolio return question / suggestion

Is there a way to see your return based on your whole portfolio balance rather than just what you have invested in the market ? For example i am currently up 5% according 212 but based on the whole portfolio I’m actually up 2.5% because currently 50% of my portfolio is cash. Surely your return should be based on your whole portfolio balance not just what you have invested. Also I’m guessing it’s MWR and not TWR ?. Thanks in Advance.


The chart doesn’t show a return based on your entire account value (including free cash). Instead, long-pressing on a specific point will show you the Portfolio, Invested amount, and Return amount. There are no MWRs or TWRs displayed for the time-being.

Yeah that’s my point it should show return on total portfolio value or have the option for both in my opinion maybe it’s something T212 can look at and possibly have a few index funds like SPX for example that investors can compare their returns against on the actual graph.

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Sure, we’ll consider it down the road. Thanks for the suggestion!

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