Portfolio Tracker App

Just wondering what you guys use to track your portfolio?

I was using Stock Master but I’ve noticed when I sell position it has a melt down on working between GBP and USD.

Basically after something that includes my profits from previous investments for an overall picture.

An IOS would be best if anyone knows anything to use?

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I use Numbers, but tempted to switch to google sheets and build a macro to upload trades from 212, Fidelity and Hargreaves.

I summarise everything realtime, and roll over the balances manually.

I think if I switched to sheets, then I would get sheets to record the daily prices of stocks for a month, then monthly. That way I could have a total portfolio tracker over time with history.

Out of curiosity how would sheets record real time?

I think I’ve found one called Stox, I’m going to upload later and see how it looks.

It’s seems pretty simple, like me fortunately.

I don’t do real time as I don’t day trade, I do end of day/week/monthly going back. Any stocks I purchase tend to be long term, that and my work has a policy I have to hold more than 2 months.

I have a tab with a list of stocks, a timeline, and a kill order to stop updating once I’ve sold out so it doesn’t slow down.

I am using stockrover on the trial version…
It’s a great app with great analysis tools and insightful informations…

Genuine impact is the best app I have found

Like @Dougal1984 I use Apple Numbers. I have tried almost all apps out there and a week down the line I always find big limitations.

Here is a good template I found if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and create your own

The same one for Google Sheet (have not used this one myself)

For notifications I use Yahoo Finance. This is because once I have setup my watchlist and notifications I can also use their great Apple TV app that shows you a graph in real time and news based on your watchlist directly on your TV. And I have my TV open as I do other stuff around the house :bath::sweat_smile:

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The app I’ve is actually naff in the end so I’m going to do a google sheets on it.

Found a cool formula though for live prices

I’ll share it with you one I’ve done it, you seem like you are more proficient so may have some good things too add.

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@Lippy can you elaborate on how Genuine Impact can be used as a portfolio tracker please?

From what I can see it’s a ranking system based on fundamentals, but in terms of tracking a portfolio, all you can add are percentage or value splits, so the tracking would be extremely manual.

Unless I’m not using it correctly or not seeing a particular feature…?


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Give this feedback to genuine impact, I use it the track my portfolio value over multiple products so I’m unsure what you mean.

You add the nunder of shares you have and it tracks and provides %s return’s, and it also provides very useful information forward on my positions to track my portfolio performance.

Nothing isn’t going to be non manual unless trading 212 adopts open bank so I can see my value else where even that isn’t ideal.

So you can add the number of shares you have in your GI portfolio? I don’t seem to have that option, only percentages and monetary value.

Hmm, I am unsure it’s an option though. Might need to update the app or contact the support. I’m not the developer I just use the app, and find the portfolio manager to be useful when set up with my positions.

I know, I’m just asking as you seem to be having more use out of it than me.

I already have a tracker in Stockopedia and in Google Sheets so I’m okay - it was more a general question on GI as I have yet to see the value - thanks for the insight.

Would you mind sharing your google sheets Joey?

Obviously with no content if poss?

It’s a new app so won’t be full feature rich like the big boys, but the data they provide is useful. Company information and the clean look of the app help, the portfolio section was released a week ago. So genuinely provide them with the feedback you can speak with them in the app and they are very good with getting back to you.

I don’t know how long they have been going but so far I’m impressed especially how much cheaper it is atm that over services.

I decided to start using Portfolio Performance this weekend. Mainly I wanted to compare the performance of my portfolio to the S&P 500 for example.


Extremely basic, mate, but can do. Doesn’t track transactions (will eventually)- I still use Stockopedia for that for now - just the overall holdings, weightings and return.

No probs mate.

I’ll put something together.

I’ve also just started using Sheets so have no idea how to share a read only version! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve just started as well.

You can even get an automatic PE ratio in there!


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