Portfolio value graph/no graph on webUI (Invest/ISA)

Just wondering if it is possible to display the portfolio value graph on the web interface like you see on the mobile app.
I currently have the most recently viewed instrument that I can’t seem to get rid of and it makes no sense. If it not possible to show the porfilio graph specifically, no graph at all would be acceptable.

thanks for your help


You can click on the right part of the bar in the bottom. That will show the portfolio pie and % of each position.

I believe more charts will follow in the next major update which will arrive in the weeks to come.

I can find the data ok, it’s just my OCD wanting to sort out this clunky view.

Same. I like the graph in the mobile app which shows the 1D, 1W, etc.

+1 on this idea

Quite annoying to have major feature differences between mobile and web.

This has been fixed since my original message?