Portofolio summary chart could become useful

The portfolio summary becomes hard to interpret when you invest often.
I personally invest every week and it looks like the chart goes up, right? Well yeah, because the Y axis is the amount of money invested, and how much you profit or lost is the difference between the grey line and the blue line.

It would be a lot easier if we could have an option to change the chart to show us the relative difference between our amount invested and current value of the portfolio.

For example:
A graph where vertically you have

  • 0% at the bottom,
  • 100% in the middle, as the reference grey line
  • 200% at the top

And you can graph on this chart your profit or loss with a blue line as -5%, +20%, etc

100% would always be the amount you have invested at that point, and the blue line would show your progress so far.


What I’m suggesting:


agree…current graph is kinda useless


I’m sort of lost as to how your chart is any more helpful or informative?

I quite like the current graph, but I don’t think your second graph correlates to the first.

The first graph shows you for the 3 month period, you would have been better off holding cash.

The second graph shows you were in profit in the middle.

The graph as it is, is a wealth tracker. What you have invested vs current value over time. That’s quite useful to see.

You are doing well, investing often but it seems to be irregular. My thoughts would be if 212 is your main portfolio, then chuck 80-90% into a global equity tracker and pick the rest. If your stock picks are good over time then that will grow faster, and if like most you can’t beat the market consistently, then you should still have decent returns from the rest. All The Festive Best!

What others have asked for is a TWRR. Time weighted rate of return. That’s also useful to understand.