Position opening

Hello, I am using the Trading212 app and was wondering if you guys have a faster option to open trades than the detailed trade box. For example if I need to open two different sized trades at the same time how could I do that?

I don’t think its possible with T212. Not sure why you’d need to do that.

You can set limit buy orders so a buy is triggered when the stock reaches a target price.

Hmm, then would you know how to partly close a position like closing only half of it?

Quick trading and one-click trading are features that can be enabled from the Account Menu > Settings > Trading Preferences.

Yes, that is possible. However, you can do that only if trading in “Aggregated” mode.

For example, if you have a buy (long) position with instrument XYZ for 10 units, you can create a new order to sell (short) 9 XYZ units. This way, you’ll partially close the position, and you’ll be left with 1 XYZ unit.