Possibility of forfeiting shares?


I would like to ask you if there is an option (or planned in the future) to willingly forfeit shares. In my case relevant for (almost) bankrupt companies with no value. I dont want to see them and have to scroll through them every time.

Thank you.

I get your point completely. However, when a company is delisted, we have to wait for the official terms of the event to be confirmed and then reflect that accordingly.

@pitkameky On a separate note, if I were you and every time had to wade my way through a portfolio full of (almost) bankrupt companies, I would really go back and review my investment strategy before putting my next penny in !
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A thought, would it be better if T212 allowed delisted, suspended and/or bankrupt stocks pending winding down to be placed in a pie?

That way all those stocks would be hidden, away from view.


@IntInv A bit dramatic, but I have 3 which is still plural :thinking:
@EquityInvestor Yes, thanks, easier solution for sure. These iliquid delisted penny stock can stay alive for god knows how long.

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