Possible to use bank account not in the country of residence?


full beginner here :slight_smile:
Is it possible as tax resident of one country (Switzerland) to use a bank account from another country (France) for deposit and withdrawal in order to use EUR as base currency and avoid extra exchange rates?
Would this have any tax implications on the country of the bank account (France in this case)?

Thank you for your advice.


I think you are allowed to use any bank account as long as its on your name.

Not sure about tax implications, if you move huge amounts the France tax department might ask you where they come from.

There should be no difficulties from our end. Opening an account in France as a non-resident might be the major hurdle. Whether there would be any tax implications either in France or Switzerland I don’t know.

Well I believe many use Revolut or similar which has IBAN localized for UK/BE/EST or similar. Meaning physical account is not in country of residence, important is to have account on same Name as T212 account .

Drawback of this “offshore” account is if you dont have any income stream attached to it, you will have regular income source checks due to AML. But there should be no tax implications on personal bank account.

Thank you all for the answers!
French account is already an active one, so that would not be a problem. I know the assests/bank accounts need to be declared in Switzerland on tax reconciliation, but hopefully there wont be troubles from French side. Especially when the purpose would be investing and not daily trading, so the flow would not be too unusual for the regulation office when performig the mentioned income checks.
In case anyone else with practical experience, further comments will be welcome :slight_smile: