Post Friday 4th

This is just a general discussion really!

The end of last week was extremely turbulent if you are in the USA market, particularly in tech! Even more so if you’re FOMO on the tech!

What are you thoughts for how tomorrow plays out?

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Will probably continue as people get stressed out in premarket and start selling off before market opens which will probably continue into market open. Unless of course the fed steps in and buys all the companies in whole lol

I believe the Nasdaq futures were down about 1% when trading today.

Also the news regarding the Softbank call options over the weekend seems to indicate that they may have contributed fairly heavily to the August rally. $4b of call options leading to over $50b of exposure with market makers then also having to purchase stocks to hedge and then the retail investor FOMO. It was the perfect melt up conditions.

No idea what this will mean for the market over the next few weeks but if Softbank starts closing these positions then there will be a lot of selling, or just the fact that they have stopped buying is enough to end the momentum.

It’s tricky to call really. It does seem a major correction was due.

This has happened not so long ago in early July, I had Bloomberg on and they all dramatising everything as they do. On that basis I’m a bit split really. Maybe a rocky Monday but then maybe sideways? Who knows?

Short everything tech on CFD.

QQQ is a good place to start. Or go long on SQQQ which is QQQ inverted and much cheaper.

Then again, literally nobody knows what will happen. Maybe go long on everything tech. You’ll probably need to wait about 20 mins to see which way it’s going.

If you’re long term investing, just bUy tHe DiP, close the app and do some yoga for the week.

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I think people might need something stronger than yoga!

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That’s sounds like the life :heart_eyes:
Going to put money in one of my Crowdcube investments that is refunding instead of the stock market. Expecting a drop so not buying. The Crowdcube offering is being sold at a 50% discount from normal price (only for existing shareholders) and the government scheme will match the amount of money you put in. So just makes more sense to put money there right now for me :man_shrugging:t4:

Softbank closed most of it’s 4bn dollar positions. Tech is probably shagged for another while. Go long on Softbank CFDs.

However, ProShares Ultra QQQ is cheap as chips now. I’ve a position in that, again in CFDs at 141 dollars. I may buy more at open, and definitely if it goes down.

Techtanic headed for the iceberg , make sure you got them lifeboats and you’re not sharing a door with rose

A captain goes down with his ship :man_pilot:

Ask the captain of the Costa Concordia, only thing he goes down on are his cell mates

Well it’s looking positive early morning.

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Looking good. Is it buying time yet?