PSTH IPO expected 22 July - (note: common class not available on IBKR as of 22/07)

Seemingly not as they’ve added it today.

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I was also a bit surprised, but if they have added it its because this one is different (or T212 have increased their capabilities).

Thread title updated to reflect recent developments. As per others, I can’t find anything anywhere to suggest the common classes are debuting today too, only units. Additionally, again as per others, we can see the stock listed on T212 ‘ready’ so I am not sure if this is to quell requests but will stay locked until the commons begin trading in a few weeks (Ie a new process that David alluded to over on the Help forum), or T212 are now offering units, or some other explanation. Hopefully they may be along soon to clarify.


Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Tontine goes public 5.5% above its IPO price

Great video about PSTH
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so i know this can’t be added now but do we know when it may be added to 212?

Any news on PSTH?

@David @PeterA

Saw it reappeared back end of last week but then disappeared again before being able to purchase.


There’s no official listing of the stock, yet.

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I saw that too. Heard a roumour that freetrade where listing the stock on the thrusday.

It came to thrusday and freetrade didn’t list it. So I’m guessing trading212 didn’t need to play catchup

@desiferrari @Ntownsend82;

I’m keeping an eye out for the 8-K and will raise the request once it’s filed.


Just bumping this thread. From what I understand the units under PSTH.U are separated off as of today and becomes PSTH and PSTH.WS

@David @Martin @George @PeterA @anon86329651

So should we be able to trade this from 2:30pm today under the PSTH ticker?



Its trading but no aign on 212 yet!?

@David @Martin @George @PeterA @anon86329651

Just seeing if we can add this now :pray:

It’s already live :v:

@Martin Not getting any results either app or desktop. :grimacing:

Argh can you add this to ISA. Just spotted in Invest only.

Could you restart the app & the browser - it will fix it. Keep in mind, that the instrument is available for both - ISA & Invest.


Yeah I can see it in Invest its not been made available in ISA

Up and running! Thanks @Martin

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Now visible in ISA