Powerhouse Energy

One example that doesn’t inspire confidence. TMO Renewables collapsed, leading Yeo to be sued by former stakeholders for misleading them in early 2018.

In fairness after reading news articles that does sound pretty bad to boot he also had shares in ITI Energy (a waste to energy business) that went into administration around the same time as TMO.

Shouldn’t be superstitious in business but he being on board doesn’t encourage great confidence.

I’m not sure why he needs to be on board and isn’t just enjoying his retirement? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Doesn’t make much sense to me if I’m honest!

Powerhouse chart hasn’t moved since 2pm yesterday?

@David @George could you look into this please as still stuck on yesterday 2pm?

Seems the stock is moving after seeing the chart?

Big up PHE, think this company is going to do well. Commercial next year.

Suggest you read the other Powerhouse thread before expressing such confidence. They can go as commercial as they want but unless they’ve solved the technical and economic problems of their high cost version of gasification then the only people losing out will be investors.

Please elaborate and provide your sources

There’s a really good thread on the other trading for free but with charges forum about this. An engineer who has worked in the field before basically details why this doesn’t work at the moment and the problems PHE will face and have yet to address.

I remember reading rotary kilns issues, gasification issues. I’ll grab the screenshot as I’m not sure if Mike posts here:

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Thanks, I’ll read it

That’s an interesting read @Scrooge_McCodf and also @red (in a previous thread I think)

Definitely left me more concerned at the overall costs and possibly failings in PHE.

Shame as I genuinely think they stand for great things but it all boils (no pun intended :see_no_evil:) down to costings.

The CEO himself said it’s hard to get government backing…seemingly that’s what they will need too.

Coupled with trying time’s leave my position feeling shaky.

There’s no market for Hydrogen and it will never be cheaper then electricity as it requires electricity to produce.

Even analysts don’t think Hydrogen will be at fossil fuel levels for 5-10 years.

Will PHE last that long?

That’s the million dollar question. Oh to have a crystal ball :crystal_ball:
On paper they sound so good. Reading between the lines is much more complex. More complex than I thought.

I suppose it’s a case of taking the good news with the bad news and weighing up the options best to your ability

The EU is trying to stimulate a market in hydrogen at the moment and recently released a hydrogen strategy. As referenced elsewhere the preference is hydrogen from water plus renewables than from natural gas or waste.

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How do you guys know so much. I’ve emailed PHE and asked them how they are any different from previous start ups and how can they overcome the costs. Probably wont hear anything back, being the small time peasant I am.

I emailed the CEO David Ryan (a month or so back) and he replied pretty much instantly. Genuinely seems like a nice guy. Said it’s hard to be heard in government etc.

Let us know your replies (as I’m sure you will get one) Be interested to hear what they say about costings…

Kept it brief but at least he has the decency to reply, seems genuine:

I suggest you read the Annual Report - within risk I address the technology Risk Management Programme and aspects being undertaken.

Rest assured I’ve been doing this for forty years as opposed to the kid traders.

The independent analyst from long staff on the site studied the work we have done since Christmas.

I wish you every success in your investments - if the risk is too great then Powerhouse might not be the best investment for you.

Genuine or not, he doesn’t answer the questions about the technological risk (the PHE report doesn’t either) let alone the economic risk.

The comment about kiddie investors is a cheap shot as he has no idea of the experience of people commenting on his company.

I guess you will need to see what findings or recommendations DNV-GL make. I doubt he really cares about people on T212.

I saw today they appointed a new board member who works for Aviva investments in the energy sector. They seem to be making the right moves.

I’m out PHE. Lost faith. Small profit but I’ll take that and move on.
Still think they’re genuinely trying to do great things but overall I believe the costings and lack of being heard in government could be detrimental. I hope this Yorkshire company prove me wrong.

I’m sticking with them, yehaaaaa, raining lambos here I come

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