Powerhouse Energy

Toady, Powerhouse Energy Group completed their takeover of Waste2Tricity. Lets see what this does to the price tomorrow, if anything.

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Didn’t it rise 4% today? I thought that was it! :smile:

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In for 100 shares at 3.6p a share :smiley:

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Are you thinking of a villa or an apartment in Barbados when you sell them?


Villa in Scarbados I think.


They had their AGM yesterday

They also announced they were going to issue new shares, so I’ll hold off for a short while again.


I’m in at 3.28 didn’t realise the news been taking advice and not watching it and what do you know…it’s shot up :raised_hands:t2:

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It is good news they’ve appointed Tim Yeo as a non-executive director?

Is he going to be bringing good things to the table?

Don’t know, what have you found out?

Just that he was also a director of Waste2Tricity Limited which Powerhouse completed the acquisition of on June 26. So he’s jumped on board with Powerhouse now.

Apparently he’s got a really strong background :woman_shrugging:t2: Strong board of directors.

I’ve not heard any other news, does look like they’re heading in the right direction. Few bits of news out there after being quiet for a while.

When in doubt…


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Brilliant! Feel like I know Tim inside and out now.

Never use Linked In. Who knew!

Thanks for that.

Now let’s hope he’s good for powerhouse :crossed_fingers:t2:

Of course I didn’t check to see if he ran any of those previous roles into the ground but you know… What coud go wrong?..

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Well if it doesn’t go wrong it can surely only go right :woman_shrugging:t2:

He’s a former Tory MP - there is plenty of info on him out there.

I’m not sure he offers much to the company if I’m honest unless he has hitherto unknown skills in gasification.

Not sure about gasification but if he was a former MP then he won’t be short of hot air. :joy:

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Some of the companies Tim Yeo has previously been involved with haven’t ended well :scream:

Care to elaborate…?

Sounds ominous. But to be fair I’ve just watched Scarface!

I’m intrigued…what has Tim done to cause such terrible endings??

I’m not sure that he has done anything to precipitate the downfall of past companies. But the question is does he add much value to PHE?

I don’t actually think it makes much difference - this is an engineering company that has engineering and competition challenges (neither of which I can see that PHE have answers to with or without Tim Yeo).

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