Powerhouse Energy

Tim Yeo now Chairman of the board :scream:

OMG this stock, people are sleeping on, but im kinda okay with it at the moment because ive been piling money into it lol at 3p/share but hopefully when they probably get up and running the price will go up.

This is one I have pretty much brought and forgot about. I’m happy for it to sit there and if it takes off awesome.

Powerhouse is on fire.

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I woke up to my investment nearly doubled. today was a good day.

Couldn’t even buy into this. Given message order may be pending indefinitely.

Any reason why I wasn’t able to buy into this and keep getting the message

As it says. It is traded on SETSqx and has low liquidity so your order may not get triggered.

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Thanks Vedran this is what i was looking for.

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Sometimes listening to others opinions doesn’t pay off!

I sold after loosing faith not in their business model but after emailing the company and them telling me it’s hard to be heard in government. I presumed it would be too slow for me. I also let others opinions sway me.

Now look! They’re flying!

Oh well. The same day I bought GGP so I’m not crying too much :rofl:

Live and learn I guess

Absolutely. Yorkshire based company too! Should have stuck with me roots!!

Nay mind.

Ok who gave it the kiss of death. Down 16% today lol

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Probably establish a new trading range, should go next level once we get a site update and then commercialisation.

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Doing pretty well at the moment :joy:

It is a penny stock and hasn’t finished any plants yet has it?

The crucial parts will be do they have the cash to complete the various projects; does the technology work as expected - they still seem to be undergoing some evaluations; will it work on a wide range of waste to make it scalable; and most importantly will it be economically competitive?

Until all those questions are answered it is a risky venture. Could Powerhouse have all the answers? Possibly, but given I know the sector very well I’ve not anything compelling yet. If you’re assessing it on the financials (rather than knowledge of the sector) then I’d argue there are better uses of your investment cash but it is your choice!

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More than happy with the way the share price is going.

I bought at 3.03p per share, already more than trebles my return and I’m confident that it will keep going up and up

How many shares do you own Mike