Powerhouse Energy Group PHEG

Please add this stock.

Many thanks

@TheRealCarl It’ll be available for trading tomorrow once UK markets open.

It’s going up nicely. Thanks

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Absolutely. It’s a shame I couldn’t have gotten in earlier on it, and more shares!

They’ve had a rubbish day today - nothing reported though.

Oh well I bought more :hugs:

Yes, they lost quite a bit

seems a few energy companies are down today. Does energy prices usually not go down anyway coming into the summer as less used?

Not sure because they are up again now :woman_shrugging:t2:

Powerhouse is not an energy company or certainly not a traditional energy company. They are essentially a waste management company. The only “novel” part is the possibility of creating hydrogen after the gasification but that isn’t a core part of their process.

The fundamental problems are that largely gasification doesn’t work (over 20-30 years of failed attempts) unless you “clean” inputs. To have clean waste input you limit your waste types you can process which typically means you lose massive economies of scale and make the plant uneconomical.

To cap it all the recent EU proposals on hydrogen would not count this type of hydrogen (green hydrogen) as the most renewable type of hydrogen (blue hydrogen ie from water and renewables).