Pre/after market

Any update on the pre/after market update? As I’m sat here watching my stocks percentages rising and I can’t jump in and buy more :joy: please tell me it will be soon! @David


@revelcsi1iicidem Harder than anticipated since there’re a lot of corner cases. It would be very easy if all stocks were liquid & had enough volume but there’s a large enough number of shares that would see 20-30-50% spreads, which wouldn’t lead to a very pleasant experience.


True true, I guess we just have to bite the bullet on that one! Just nice to be able to buy or sell out of hours. Most of the market moving news comes then haha, but cheers for response

@revelcsi1iicidem Will happen, just need more time to figure some stuff out.


just make it a setting to opt-in to pre-market/after-hours with a big warning message above the toggle. so nobody would trade then accidentally.
Maybe also have limit orders per default as another safety net.


Would definitely need to see the SELL price on pre/after market prior to buying any stocks :wink:

+1 to what @Doydoy said, make it an opt-in feature and only allow limit order