Premarket/Afterhours for a fee

I’d be happy to pay a monthly subscription fee or premarket/afterhours trading fees for premarket/afterhours access and I’m sure plenty of others would too. Increases revenue and betters the platform.


They plan to do this for free soon. I’m fact OTC stocks already with premarket back to 1pm UK time.

What you’ll probably need to pay for is L2 and T&S when that’s an option as that’s not free to them so I doubt could absorb that cost.

What exactly is L2 and T&S if I may ask?

Level 2 shows Depth Of Book or liquidity. It is basically a fancy graph/display of where (which prices) investors want to sell and buy, and how much.

T&S is Time and Sales, basically shows timestamps of Orders executed with size, market and direction etc.

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As above.

Theres three levels and we see just Level 1 in the app which is just the best ask and bid (without knowing the size, its the top row of the order book)

Here’s an example, so the 1.830 is what we just see as the buy price in the T212 app.

It allows you to see walls like there’s a lot of potential sellers lined up at $1.9 and again at $2.

And the tape will show the actual trades that are happening.

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Holy shi…

Thats op, isnt it?
Did not know one can access that info o_O

That looks like a really powerful tool