Price alert button disappear

I just notice today that there a real improvement about info and statistics of individual stock. Where you could quickly see the key ratio as part of fundamental analysis.

What I also just notice the price alert button has disappeared, You can not add new alert for price alert. I am aware the limit of 100, but I believe this is nothing to do with the maximum limit. It simply does not allow people to add a new price alert. I wonder about other people experience, T212 might want to shed light on this ?

Thank you.

This one you mean? Top right. (Android App)

Yes I could see it now… When I wrote the message I could not see that button, that is the button I normally use to set up price alert. Thanks for the head up.

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We’ve not received such reports, @adindas. Feel free to DM me if you experience any similar issues.

Please direct message @Bogi.H if you have noticed this problem.