Price Alerts Unavailable

Yesterday, in the legacy app, price alerts disappeared as an option in the panel and were replaced by pies. I have no pies and lots of price alerts so this is really not helpful.

@Team212 , what’s going on? Why was this done?


If under “legacy app” you are referring to the Old web app, the Pie view has indeed been added in the interface and you will be able to see the Price alert tab right next to it. image (24)

If it does not look the same way from your side, feel free to DM me.

Just to update everyone now I have fixed this in case anyone else ever comes across this…

It seems this was an issue with my settings in Firefox. The font size was too big which I think was making the account value section too wide and rather than give up any white space, the values section pushed too far left and squashed the icons.
I’ve now got smaller fonts and can see all four icons fine.

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