Price comparison article

etoro tweeted their fee, showing them cheaper then its peers. Wow, they pay stamp duty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so they take a loss which CFD need to cover the cost.

I like Freetrade being an investor their, and hold a good size portfolio but when it come to Trading 212 just love it.
etoro also charge £25 withdraw fee, last time I checked.


Very interesting tables comparing costs of dealing and holding stocks on eight platforms. But some of the quoted fees look wrong to me. AJ Bell custody fee is 0.25% capped at £7.50 per quarter, not 0.10% as stated. Interactive Investor has a currency conversion fee of 1.5%, not 0 cost as stated. Interactive Investor may have 0 custody fee, but they charge a £9.99 pm subscription fee.

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This article is misleading and I see at least a few wrong numbers there. The motives of the authors are clear…

eToro, one of the “four leading fintech apps”? I don’t think so.


Is one of the wrong numbers the currency conversion fee? I was under the impression its 0%, in the comparison its listed as 0.15

the problem is you can pay a 3rd rate journalist to produce a story on your behalf and they will not do their research to back up the claims.

As for the website, its certainly not one I have heard of before so its not as if this was an article on a mainstream platform that would be expected to do their homework properly before misleading readers.


Exactly. There’s no foreign exchange fee with Trading 212. They made it up so that it looks like eToro is cheaper.


I agree, this article is very misleading