Price difference between buy and sell price

hi there quick question i have bought Walmart
shares price of 111.4716 and the price at the moment is 112.00 and I am seeing as in result of
loss 640.50. can anyone explain this to me as I
have been struggling with this for past few days.
and I can’t make any other investment.

It is most likely because of the recent drop in USD/GBP conversion rate. (I suppose your account is in GBP)

yes my account is in GBP . I still don’t understand that it should be in profit rather then in loss.

Please check out this topic:

The FX rate impact on investment results is explained very well here.

So can someone explain me how come the selling price of RDSB is fixed at shuch low while buying price is in the sky? Contrary the RDSA is ok smth like ~0.01 eur difference.