Stock selling price doesnt match


I`m using invest account and lets say I bought 2 stocks named X at the price $52.4850. Now the price is 53.20. So why Trading212 shows that the profit (result) is +0.73 (+0.84%), but not +1.42$ (53.2-52.49 x2= 1.42)?

It cant be the result of one stock, because for example stock named Y shows - quantity 3, price 9.25$, current price 9.67$ result 0.88$ (+3.89%), but not 1.26$ (9.67-9.25x3=1.26).

So what I`m missing? Why profit is lower? It is some kind of fees?

The change in price can be caused by the difference between the current share price and the share price at which it is actually sold, and also in the movement of the exchange rate if you bought in USD and have an account in GBP.
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As @Veshy has said:

  1. There is the spread. The different between the buy price and sell price. T212 do not make a profit from the spread for share dealing.
  2. Difference in FX. If the asset is priced in a different currency to your home currency (for example you trade in GBP but the share is priced is USD) then you have to take into account the currency exchange rates.
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@CaptainP The guys before me have explained it very well, however, I would like to confirm that you have to look at two circumstances that are quite important when you calculate your result:

  • Make sure that you are looking at the relevant quote of the price. The price of each instrument has a buy and a sell quote. The chart of the platform portrays the buy quote and its chronological development. If you tap on one of your investments and scroll down a bit, you will be able to notice that below the chart are located the average purchase price of the asset and the current sell quote of the price which is relevant for the calculation of your potential result.

  • Do not forget to take into account the FX impact on stocks that are traded in a currency different from the one of your account.

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I understand the difference you mention. But what happens when I see a greater exclusion in a stock day by day? One day is a minimum difference and the next 20 cents. Also the price is sometimes 10 or 20 cents more than all platforms show. Can I contact someone in charge to look at it together?

The prices on 212 prior to trading are indicative and IIRC switched from Bloomberg to Reuters.

The graphs are the last offer price, but you can drill down into the instrument details and see bid(sell) and offer(buy).

Other sites use last trades in their indicative quotes so sometimes can appear to look like comparing apples to oranges.