Price does not update within the first 5 minutes after market open

I am monitoring my investment on PAH3.DE and I’ve noticed that the price is not updated right at the opening of the German market.
I can see that for another investment of mine on the German market (VNA.DE) this issue doesn’t occur: I can see VNA price since the very start.
For PAH3.DE I need to wait for 5 minutes, most of the time wasting a good exit opportunity.

What is it happening? And will it be fixed?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I noticed that sadly too (with other instruments)

I use webull, its quite good, I like it

I have a very long thread on it if you want to post there too. Yeah I can see it was five minutes later than the actual first quote.

I’ve had stocks which were three weeks late. It’s getting better but the Bloomberg quotes are still totally crap.

Hoping @David can give another update.

@Belzal That’s when XETRA started quoting BID/ASK, it’s not a T212 issue.