Problem typing and lag

Hi anyone getting problems with lagging? when i type in the ticker or company name it lags and stutters I don’t get any problems with other platforms

Yep I see noticeable lag in searching. It’s been bad all day, glad it’s not just me.

I’m sure T212 will have noticed but tagging @Martin @George @anon86329651 @David

(Shouldn’t there be an issue/bugs forum for stuff like this?)

Witnessed, several times over several weeks.

Also, sometimes when changing the number of shares to sell on the sell form (by slider or input), there is a delay in calculating the total amount (as it appears in the row below) - it just freezes as I watch the share price waving goodbye to me and screaming, ‘LOSER!’

Not good also when i look at charts i can only see one month i want to see a chart for 1 3 5 10 years etc and i don’t see a 52 week high/low definitely not as good as Etoro platform

Yea there should be :frowning:

That’s not a typing or lag issue. That just sounds like you are grumbling. I’m not staff btw :sweat_smile:

Also haven’t you just made this thread where I mentioned it’s under company info > all ratios.
Also that the chart shows the ASK so you can’t establish the high/low, only a rough guess.

Same issue and there is also new bug with price alerts (lastest version, I am in beta on Android)

If you add new alert, price alert is not visible immediately as before, but you must close the stock overview and oped it again