Lag again in excuting sell orders

212 when i click sell why is there a very long delay in executing the order. please please fix the lag this is real money here in this case its BP

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Same for me over 5mins before sell was executed :roll_eyes:

Yes, order lagging sell order

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It’s been like this for months now. Every time they blame some other factor, basically for us the markets open 30 minutes later since we can’t do anything until that point.

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Same here with Intel. Been trying to sell and its just stuck.

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Same for buying too for me. And percentage change always seems to be incorrect 4 a while now at market openings

think they should worry less about pies and pretty social media things and more on faster orders

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Same, I’ve had a buy in progress for 15 mins now :unamused:

Trying to buy 1000 shares in the OTC Market but it’s taking ages to go through and it’s going down more and more.

I hope it doesn’t execute when it rises to its peak again.

Tried to cancel and rebuy but no luck.

What is up with it?

ive just got lucky that bp has gone back up. i tried to sell on a spike after bp had recovered from a dip and collect my profits and it would not clear !!!

212 was doing a little better in the last week… now back to issues on delays… Please fix it!!! Focus on making platform better… before adding bells and changing the charges…

ITs like it needs warming up daily before it can get going…please guys dont let the look of this company fool you. If you want to survive move to someone else. Thanks

any recomendations. problem is fees and commission

Etoro has been great for me, I can’t move everything there thanks to the ISA though but it has a lot less issues

what are the fees on etorro and can i do things that are not CFD

Why arent the orders being excuted??"

OMG!!! We all are sick and tired of this.

Excuse my language but this costing us money!

LMFA, SNDL, FTFT. Not an issue of halt also not of volatility. Everything is fine only 212 the probleme here!


There was a slight delay in the execution of some orders.

If anyone is still having delays, please make sure to private message me with your trading account’s email address so we can check what’s going on.

No fees except a $5 withdrawal fee if you aren’t from the US

How can we private message you I’m having problems with orders going through please

Click on the profile icon of the person you wish to contact, and you will see the option for a private message. You can send your query both to David and me.