Problem with candlesticks

I have this Problem where the intraday 1 min chart is missing some data when i switch back from a larger time frame. The candlesticks only look decent when the chart was open for a while. I have screenshot where you can see the difference.

The top one was opened later than the bottom one.

Your RSIs and MACDs are set at different levels. Is the candles in the same timeframes?

of course this is the same timeframe. The indicators are the exact same. The problem is not on my end, but on trading 212s new provider I suppose.

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If im seeing this right, it looks like the top one seems to be missing trades making the candles show less volatility. Is that what you meant?

yes exactly. with more volatile stocks it is even more significant

@Team212 can you clarify this?

The second picture shows how the chart is supposed to look like. The chart was opened right after market open. The candles load properly, but the first picture is missing some data it seems like bcause it was opened a bit later.