Sell limit order cancellation stuck on pending

Had a couple of sell limit orders setup prior to the weekend, have been able to cancel some but others are stuck on pending and have been for a significant amount of time. While the order is pending I’m unable to place other limit orders on my stock as it doesn’t register. Anyone encountered this and found resolution that isn’t just wait and see?


I’m having the same issue^

I’m having the exact same issue, it’s been stuck like this since 02:05am

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Currently, there should be no orders pending cancellation. Let us know if you stumble upon such behaviour again.

@Rumen happening currently to me. Stuck on cancelling for a long time and then actually showed up as executed. Like there was/is a looooong delay with trading venue status.

Having the issues currently.

I will leave it for over night but will chase this down in the morning should it not fix itself.

This is for a modification.


Issue is still persisting.

Please can this be looked into.

@ode Currently, I do not see any pending orders in your account.

@Papski I can see that you have managed to cancel a limit sell that was created on 07.01. Do you have any pending orders at the present moment that you have trouble canceling?

Rumen i have a similar issue with a sell order on HYLN. Had a sell order for 1 share stuck pending for over a week now. Could you please check how it looks on your side ? Much appreciated.

We are currently looking into it.