Problems in adding funds

Hello, good morning,

So I have a new bank account and I want to add more funds to my Trading212. But when I put my VISA numbers and finish… well it says that my cards was declined. I’ve already added funds to other accounts with my card but It’s not working on Trading212.

Can anyone help please? @David I’ve already sended an e-mail to, but I fear that they may take a while to answer since I normally dont get responses through e-mails.

Thank you so much

Fund by bank transfer as the 2k limit is upon us…


…wait, but I can’t fund via VISA? I know if I do it through VISA I have to pay a fee of 0,07% or something like that, but I can still fund with my VISA right?

Yes it should work with visa yes.
Is there a 2nd authorisation needed?

Oh god, I hope not… --’’

Like a text to your phone
Authorisation from your app
Ring your bank if not ask why you can pay Trading 212

Any other suggestion… Form anyone else

Checkout Failed - Your card has been rejected…
@JimLahey please?

That is usually a bank authorisation issue. Contact your bank.

Btw that’s 0.7%, not 0.07% :slight_smile:

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